Ends on November 10, 2019

The IB Global Conference, Bangkok 2020 will take place from 17 to 19 March at Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at CentralWorld. We invite registered conference participants to submit papers, on the theme 'Generation IB’, to present at the conference. We are accepting paper proposals covering a wide range of education-related topics:

  • International Mindedness – developing engaged citizens of the world
  • Innovation – educators leading the way in international education
  • Impact – on the communities around us
  • Service – embedding impactful learning and teaching in schools
  • Community – professionals working together for a stronger IB

 An IB education prepares students with the skills and mindset to succeed in our fast-changing world. Our students’ ability to think and collaborate across countries, cultures and disciplines allows them to approach the world in ways that truly make a difference. Educators across the IB continue to develop generations of students with the boldness, creativity and belief in themselves to embrace their personal ambitions and their dreams for a better, more peaceful world. This is Generation IB.

If you and/or your co-presenter(s) are not registered conference participants, please proceed to register before completing this proposal*.
Registration for conference paper submission will close on 10 November 2019 (11 59PM, GMT+8 Singapore time). We will respond to all applicants on or before 2 December 2019. 

Click on the 'Submit' button to begin with the application. You will receive a confirmation email once the paper has been submitted. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please contact ibap.arc@ibo.org for assistance.
*If you are selected as a breakout session main presenter, a 20% discount will be applied to your early bird conference registration fee by the end of the conference. Co-presenter(s) are required to pay the full early bird conference registration fee. Please note that deadline for early bird registration is on 31 January 2020 (11 59PM, GMT+8 Singapore time).

Terms and Conditions
• Only proposals submitted by registered conference participants will be considered. Proposals submitted by  individuals who have not registered for the conference will not be considered.
• Individuals may not submit or appear in more than two proposals, either as main or co-presenters
• It is the main presenter’s responsibility to communicate all official correspondence from the IB in a timely manner to all co-presenters
• All presenters must be available to present at any of the 80 scheduled Breakout Session between 17 to 19 March (IB will make every effort to accommodate special requests if schedule permits)
• All sessions are 60 minutes in length (except for higher education information sessions).
• The main language for all sessions should be in English. Please contact the Conference Team at ibap.arc@ibo.org should you wish to present in other languages. If the presentation is allowed to be in other languages, there should be a co-presenter that can translate the presentation to English for the audience.
• All session rooms are set up in theatre style and stationery will not be provided (room layout cannot be changed)
• The rooms’ capacity ranges from 60 to 100. Rooms will be assigned by the Review Committee based on a number of factors including target audience and topic.
• No materials are to be attached, pinned or glued to the wall of the breakout session rooms. Violation to this will result in expulsion from the conference as required by the venue.
• The IB Global Conference provides a voluntary professional development opportunity to receive international recognition while sharing best practices with other IB educators.
• All main presenters will receive a 20% discount on the early bird registration fee.
• All co-presenters are required to pay the full early bird registration fee.
• IB will not reimburse any expenses.
• Presentations should not endorse any commercial purpose.
• Soliciting participation in surveys and meetings in the interest of business by the presenter or otherwise is not allowed.
• Canvassing, exhibiting or distributing materials with commercial purpose during a breakout session is strictly prohibited.